Assistant Neuro Therapist

Jeni Gleason, RN

After recovering from her own neurological condition, Jeni has a deep passion for helping brain injury survivors.

Jeni Gleason, RN began her career in the medical field as a Certified Veterinary Technician, earning an AAS from Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology in 2001 and graduating with Highest Honors. She eventually returned to school to pursue a career in healthcare and received an Associates Degree of Nursing with High Honors from Arapahoe Community College in 2015 and became a Registered Nurse in 2016.

While in nursing school in 2014, Jeni suffered a vertebral artery dissection—profoundly shifting her views of health and wellness and igniting a deep passion for naturopathic healing and mind-body practices. She became a patient at Colorado Integrative Neurology in 2018 and credits functional neurotherapy for dramatically improving her neurological health and nearly eliminating her residual stroke symptoms.

Jeni left her job as a hospice case manager in 2019 to join the CIN team and share their message of hope and healing with other brain injury survivors.

"We take for granted how much our brain does. When it isn't working right it can have a tremendous impact on quality of life.  After surviving a debilitating stroke, I love being able to share hope and healing with our patients; to show them the miracle that their brain really is, in its ability to heal and adapt given the right therapeutic approach."

Born and raised in Colorado, Jeni enjoys spending time with her family and dogs doing all things outdoors in our beautiful mountains. Her interests include music, cooking, gardening, travel, and kundalini yoga.