Welcome to Colorado Integrative Neurology

Thank you for your interest in Colorado Integrative Neurology. We are currently accepting new patients! At Colorado Integrative Neurology we assess sensory integration, movement, balance, eye movements, inner ear function and vestibular function. These systems are all critical windows into the overall function of your health and nervous system. If you have any questions, please call (720) 328-5076 or request an appointment with Colorado Integrative Neurology today.

What to Expect: The Consultation

At Colorado Integrative Neurology, we offer a free, no obligation brief consultation with the doctor regarding your health concerns. This first step is critical for our process and determining the best approach to reach your health goals. It offers an opportunity for both the patient and doctor to determine if care in our clinic is a good fit. If we decide to collectively move forward with care, we will be able to determine the most appropriate work up needed for your specific case. Prior to the consultation we will ask you to complete the New Patient Demographics and Consultation forms. Plan on spending 30 minutes in the office for this appointment.

Step 2: The Examination

At this point, each patient’s experience will vary depending on the type of work up recommended by the doctor. Our goal at this phase is to collect as much information as possible about your case. Prior to the examination, we will ask you to complete the Comprehensive History form. Some patients may be required to fill out additional forms at this time. Others may need to complete diagnostic studies such as X-rays, MRI or biochemical labs. Any relevant medical records should be sent over to the clinic prior to this appointment as well. We will thoroughly review your Comprehensive History and complete the evaluation. For this appointment, please plan on spending 2 hours in the office.

Step 3: The Report of Findings

For your third appointment with Colorado Integrative Neurology, the doctor will go over all the findings from the examination, helping you understand the root cause(s) of your problem. They will also discuss in detail your recommended specific customized plan of action and options for care. This appointment is also a great opportunity for you the patient to offer more input as to which direction you would like to see your care go.

Step 4: Ongoing Treatment Management

Once both the doctor and patient have decided to move forward with care, we will help you schedule all your upcoming appointments according to the recommended plan. We will do our best to accommodate work schedules, school schedules and any other responsibilities. As we work through the action plan with you, we will be sure to monitor your progress. We love to celebrate your improvements with you.

Cancellation policy: We require a 24-hour notice for all canceled or changed appointments. There is a $75 charge for all new patient appointments and a $50 charge for all other scheduled visits that are missed or canceled with less than a 24-hour notice. In the event of an emergency or inclement weather, Colorado Integrative Neurology may consider waiving this fee.

Request an Appointment with Us

With a free discovery session at Colorado Integrative Neurology, you will get a chance to discuss your case with the doctor and will walk away empowered with a clear understanding of how we can help you. We will ensure your questions and concerns are heard and addressed and will offer recommendations if we are not the right fit for you. Request a session with CIN today.