Is Abnormal Aging Taking its Toll?

By Colorado Integrative Neurology

To some, the adverse effects of aging seem unavoidable. You or someone you love have possibly even heard this from medical professionals — that symptoms like brain fog, clumsiness or aches and pains are just part of the aging process, and nothing to be concerned about.

It is true that when we age, joints begin to wear out and neurons slowly die. But when these symptoms start to take a toll on your daily life, it’s not normal and should not be expected, nor is it something that you should have to just deal with on your own.

Symptoms like those above are actually signs of accelerated neurodegeneration, or abnormal aging. This is when nerve cells die earlier than they are supposed to, causing unneeded stress and even danger. People suffer through these symptoms without ever getting treatment, because they simply don’t know that there’s an alternative.

Symptoms of Abnormal Aging

If you or someone you love suffers from one of the following symptoms, accelerated neurodegeneration may be to blame.

  • Forgetfulness, especially when it comes to names, people and places.
  • Poor balance
  • Brain fog
  • Handwriting getting smaller or sloppier
  • Tremors or shaking hands
  • Dropping things or clumsiness
  • Increased irritability
  • Aches and pains that interfere with daily life
  • Difficulty focusing or making decisions

While these symptoms might sound like “normal” parts of aging, they are not. In fact, when you have a healthy nervous system, you can live well into your 80s and 90s without suffering from any of the above.

Regular movement and a diet that best suits you can keep these symptoms at bay. When you make sure to take care of your body, the health of your nervous system improves, and can keep you from illnesses that might compromise your ability to deal with the symptoms above.

But if the symptoms don’t seem manageable with good diet and exercise alone, it is time to seek treatment.

Our Approach to Treating Abnormal Aging

At Colorado Integrative Neurology, we create customized plans for our patients, because no two illnesses can be managed exactly the same.

We select therapies for you based on the specific symptoms you want to alleviate, your abilities, and your way of life. And if one treatment doesn’t work, we adjust or try new ones until we figure out the perfect plan to maximize your quality of life.

Contact us today, and make sure that aging doesn’t stop you from living your life to the fullest.

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