Customized Neurological Rehabilitation

Most non-medical approaches for chronic neck pain revolve around addressing structural problems. The role your brain and nervous system has in keeping your chronic neck pain from resolving is rarely addressed. This comprehensive report is the complete package, addressing both structural and neurological problems related to your chronic neck pain.

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Learn How to Eliminate Chronic Neck Pain

In this report you will learn how to permanently resolve your chronic neck pain without using any medications or surgery. Learn how to become pain free without any of the side-effects of medications or complications from surgery.

Restore Proper Brain and Neck Communication

Chronic pain changes the way the brain communicates with the muscles in your neck. The abnormally functioning muscles cause further irritation and pain. This report is full of Healthy Brain Tips to help you restore proper brain and neck communication so your pain does not return.

Identify & Resolve Habits that Trigger Neck Pain

Injury will lead to a change in movement patterns to avoid pain. These altered movement patterns can actually cause more pain if not addressed. Learn what movement patterns you may have that are causing pain and how to fix them yourself.

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